Krauthammer refuses to criticize Rush Limbaugh by name.

Politico’s Ben Smith profiled Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer today as President Obama’s “biggest critic,” writing that Krauthammer is not “impressed by the current state of the conservative resistance.” As an example of Krauthammer’s dissatisfaction with the conservative opposition, Smith highlighted his criticism of the tea parties and Rush Limbaugh, though Krauthammer wasn’t actually willing to criticize Limbaugh by name:

Leaving the verdict on the Bush Administration to “the next generation’s David McCullough,” Krauthammer also told POLITICO that he isn’t rooting for Obama to fail.

“What I want to say is — I don’t want to repeat his name — I don’t want Obama to fail,” he said, referring to radio host Rush Limbaugh. “I want our country to succeed. And when I criticize him, it’s because I think his ideas are misguided.”

As ThinkProgress has previously observed, conservatives criticize Limbaugh at their own peril. As RNC chairman Michael Steele learned in March when he called Limbaugh an “incendiary” and “ugly” “entertainer,” conservatives who criticize El Rushbo are quickly forced to kiss the ring and apologize.