Kristol ‘ambivalent’ about extending contract as New York Times columnist.

During a panel discussion today, the Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol was asked about rumors that he may be giving up his column at The New York Times after his contract expires next month. “I don’t think I’ve had that conversation yet,” Kristol said. But when asked if he wanted his contract to be renewed, Kristol didn’t seem too interested. “I’m ambivalent,” he said, “I haven’t really focused on it.” He then suggested the column just takes up too much of his time:

“I dunno. You gotta talk to them about that. It’s been a lot of work and I’m kinda stretched a little thin. I’ll see.” […]

“You guys are all — well, I don’t know you — but everyone’s obsessed with this internal New York Times…” Mr. Kristol stopped himself short.

“I’ve had zero problems, issues… It’s been low drama. Despite all the dramatics in the blogosphere it’s been a very undramatic experience for me.”


Maybe all of Kristol’s error-filled Times columns that caused “all the dramatics in the blogosphere” were a result of him being “stretched a little thin.”