Kristol: Bush ‘Could Easily Build Political Support’ For Iran Attack ‘At The Beginning Of 2008’

Today on Fox New Sunday, Weekly Standard editor William Kristol said the Bush administration was doing a “decent job at threatening Iran,” but said he “would like a little more” rhetoric like Vice President Cheney’s recent claim that military strikes are still on the table.

Kristol added that while “you can’t just suddenly use force,” the question is, “can the President build a predicate if he feels he has to use force.” Kristol was confident: “I think if things have stabilized in Iraq, then you could easily build political support for being much tougher on Iran at the beginning of 2008.” Watch it:


In June 2006, Kristol predicted “we’ll have success through pressure and sanctions, or we’ll be forced to use military action.” In August 2006, Kristol said, “I think we could be in a military confrontation with Iran much sooner than people expect.”


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