Kristol: ‘Bush Should Pardon Libby. He Should Do it Now’

Today on Fox News Sunday, Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol said, “Bush should pardon [former Cheney Chief of Staff Scooter] Libby. He should do it now. It would be fantastic.”

Libby has been charged with obstructing justice, making false statements to a grand jury and perjury. Kristol, however, asserted that Libby was only indicted because special prosecutor was “totally out of control” and “had to indict someone.” He added that Libby “didn’t lie in any serious meaning of lying before a grand jury.” Watch it:


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KRISTOL: Ashcroft appointed an independent counsel who got totally out of control — he had to indict someone, I suppose — in December 2003 which never should have happened. Bush should pardon Libby. He should do it now. It would be fantastic. The democrats would go crazy. We could have a debate for two months about whether one should criminalize what was a totally innocent attempt to respond to, as Juan said, a mendacious critic of the administration. It’s really an outrage. The one guy indicted here is Libby. And that outrage is that criminalizing works.

BUMIELLER: But we are still talking about disclosing someone’s identity that — it’s still in the gray area possibly being a crime. So i think it’s not..

KRISTOL: Has libby been charged with that crime? No. No underlying crime.

HUME: No one has. No one has been charged.

WALLACE: But he has been charged with lying to a grand jury. If he lied to a grand jury…

KRISTOL: The things he allegedly forgot about them are much less consequential than what Richard Armitage forgot. Richard Armitage forgot for three months that he talked to Novak. He forgot for two years that he talked to Bob Woodward, three weeks before he talked to Novak. Richard Armitage has not been indicted, and he shouldn’t be. The idea that Libby is indicted for less

WILLIAMS: But he lied. Did he lie or didn’t he lie?

KRISTOL: He didn’t lie in any serious meaning of lying before a grand jury.