Kristol: Donald Rumsfeld Will Resign

This morning on Fox News, Weekly Standard editor William Kristol predicted that because of yesterday’s election results, Donald Rumsfeld will now submit his resignation and President Bush will accept it:

Q: Your feelings — will he get rid of Rumsfeld now?

KRISTOL: I think Secretary Rumsfeld will offer his resignation. I think he almost has to as a courtesy to President Bush, and I think President Bush will accept it, because the war is more important than one man.

And the truth is, to win this war — and I have been a critic of Rumsfeld for a while, so some people can discount this — to win this war, it will be helpful to have a new secretaryy — no one man is indispensable, you know, and it will be helpful to have a new Secretary of Defense to give a new face to the war, to make the case to the American people, to work with Congress.


Rumsfeld has very bad relations with the Democrats in the House and in the Senate, who are going to control the Armed Services Committees in those bodies. It would just be — I think, for the sake of the war, I think Rumsfeld will step aside.