Kristol returns fire on McCain campaign’s attacks: ‘Nice young kids…spinning implausibly.’

Right-wing pundit Bill Kristol was attacked today by the McCain campaign after declaring that John McCain is waging a “pathetic campaign” and should “fire” his staff. Spokesperson Nancy Pfotenhauer said Kristol had “bought into the Obama campaign’s party line,” while Tucker Bounds said, “I know Bill Kristol is an intelligent guy, I just don’t think what he had to say was very intelligent.” This afternoon on Fox News, Kristol fired back:

Is John McCain the best messenger for his campaign? Why isn’t he on this show? Why do we have Tucker Bounds and a bunch of nice young kids who are spokesmen out there spinning implausibly on behalf of the McCain campaign? McCain is better than his campaign.

Watch it:


Later in the interview, Kristol said if McCain fired his staff, it would “send the same signal Bush sent when he replaced Rumsfeld…and won the war.”