Kristol Uses Baseless Washington Post Editorial To Smear Pelosi

Fox News’ fount of misinformation Bill Kristol today claimed that Pelosi’s trip to Syria was “a bad day for America.” Kristol quoted the baseless Washington Post editorial from this morning to attack Pelosi, informing the audience that the paper — “not a Republican paper — called her statement ludicrous and her trip foolish.” Watch it:


Kristol peddled a series of false claims in his short interview:

Kristol claimed the trip shows “America is divided.” Republican Rep. David Hobson, who was part of Pelosi’s delegation, said: “We reinforced the administration’s positions and at the same time we were trying to understand and maybe getting some voice to some things people wanted to say that maybe they were not comfortable saying to the administration. The jury’s out … but this was not an anti-administration trip at all.”

Kristol claimed that she “falsely stated” she was bringing a message of peace to Syria. In fact, the Israeli Prime Minister’s office stated publicly that they had given such a message to Pelosi. “Pelosi is conveying that Israel is willing to talk if they (Syria) would openly take steps to stop supporting terrorism,” Olmert’s spokeswoman Miri Eisin said.

Kristol concluded his interview by suggesting he didn’t “want to be partisan.” But somehow, he managed to accomplish that effect by singling out Pelosi for attack and refusing to mention the three-person Republican delegation that visited Syria ahead of her.


Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA), who was part of the conservative delegation, defended Pelosi’s trip, saying: “I don’t care what the administration says on this. You’ve got to do what you think is in the best interest of your country.”


HOST: Bill Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standard, with me now to talk about this. Good to have you on as we get more live pictures outside of London. With regard to the trip to Syria and Nancy Pelosi, what does the President of Syria now believe the cards he is holding after such a significant trip for him?

KRISTOL: No, I think he believes America is divided. That the Speaker of the House — the third ranking official in the U.S. government — has come and paid obeisance to him and says the road to Damascus and the road to peace. Falsely stating apparently that she was bringing the message of peace from the Prime Minister of Israel, as if the Prime Minister of Israel couldn’t convey that directly. It is a very bad moment.


The Washington Post not a Republican paper have called her statement ludicrous and her trip foolish. The road to Damascus is a road to peace. This is a government permitting terrorists and maybe aiding terrorists coming across the border to kill American troops in Iraq. Senator McCain and a Republican delegation were in Baghdad visiting the troops and getting attacked by much of the media, the New York Times, CNN for urging on General Petraeus and saying the surge was making progress. And the Speaker of the House is in Syria, a country aiding the terrorists attacking our troops. I think it is really a bad for America — I don’t want to be partisan — I really feel bad. I think it is a bad day for the U.S. policy that Speaker Pelosi made this trip.