KT Tunstall’s Trees are Munching…

3:56 pm, from New York: KT Tunstall’s press conference just finished, and she showed a genuine concern for her contribution to global warming. Recognizing the fact that as an artist who tours, the level of her emissions is directly correlated to her album sales. She’s begun to renovate her flat in London and has 6,000 trees in Scotland munching her emissions away [ed. note — not that we’re crazy about trees as Scottish trees as offsets].

4:01 pm: Kenna, the opening performer for Live Earth U.S., spoke about the issue of educating people on global warming, its causes, and its consequences.

An emerging theme from these press conferences is the value of knowledge — KT Tunstall said that while touring in a bus, it’s easy to find biodiesel stations, so long as the driver is informed. For Carson Daly, it’s a matter of knowing to unplug his phone charger.

About 30 minutes ago MSN made an announcement on the number of computers streaming the concert, and Live Earth has broken the record — over 9 million people streaming the global shows. Knowledge is power to change, and Live Earth is getting the message out.