Lamar Alexander: Talking Bilingualism Out of Both Sides of His Mouth

Last night, Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) appeared on the O’Reilly Factor to discuss his nonbinding resolution to “remind the country why we sing our National Anthem in English.” Here’s what he said:

We have the common principles that we debate here in the Senate. We have our common language, English. And we ought to encourage it, not undercut it.

But back in 1995, Alexander was singing a different tune. He even attacked former Sen. Bob Dole (R-KS) for supporting an “English only” policy:

GOP Presidential hopeful Lamar Alexander lambasted Sen. Robert Dole Wednesday night saying that the senator “showed no respect” for Hispanics when Dole hinted that the U.S. should move towards an “English only” policy. Alexander, campaigning in Puerto Rico for the first time, said he was a “staunch” supporter of bilingual education and urged Hispanic parents to allow their children to learn two languages. “My dream is that every child in America grows up learning two languages,” the former governor of Tennessee said. [Associated Press, 9/13/95]


¿Como se dice “shameless pander” en espa±ol?