Lara Trump claims there’s ‘nothing’ in the Mueller report, ignores what’s actually in it

The Trump campaign adviser also claimed "families have been destroyed" by the nearly two-year long investigation.

CREDIT: Fox News
CREDIT: Fox News

Senior Trump campaign adviser Lara Trump insisted Thursday morning that there was nothing of concern in special counsel Robert Mueller’s report, complaining that “families have been destroyed” by the nearly two-year investigation.

Trump, who is married to the president’s son Eric Trump, was adamant that “the president and our campaign did absolutely nothing wrong” during the 2016 election. She claimed President Donald Trump’s opponents were “obsessed with finding anything that they can within the report” to try and take him down.

“There is nothing there. I don’t know what they are trying to hold onto here. It is a little crazy,” she said, speaking with Fox News.

Special counsel Robert Mueller detailed in his report at least 10 different instances involving the president that may have constituted obstruction of justice. Because Department of Justice guidance dictates a sitting president cannot be indicted, Mueller did not reach a conclusion on obstruction charges, but said it was up to Congress to decide what to do next.


House Democrats have since subpoenaed former White House counsel Don McGahn, whom Mueller mentioned in the report and who told investigators that, on multiple occasions, Trump urged him to fire Mueller. The White House on Wednesday said it would try and prevent McGahn from testifying before Congress about the incidents detailed in the report and said it would not comply with any other subpoenas of White House and campaign staffers.

Fox News host Bill Hemmer asked Lara Trump on Thursday why the president didn’t want to let McGahn testify.

“Are we done harassing people yet? This is harassment at a level that we have never seen,” she responded. “The number of people who work for the campaign and put their heart and soul into it who have become bankrupt — families destroyed by people trying to play politics in Washington, D.C. — is disgusting. This is not how our country is supposed to to work. People are ready to move on and focus on things that make a difference in our country.”

(The president’s daughter in law did not mention the many migrants affected by the administration’s family separation policy at the U.S.-Mexico border.)

Trump did not specify to whom she was referring, though several of the individuals previously associated with the Trump campaign who are now facing financial issues — such as Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, and Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen — were indicted over the course of the investigation and have pleaded guilty to various crimes, such as lying to investigators or tax and bank fraud.

Lara Trump also appeared on Fox Business Thursday morning, where she addressed President Trump’s immigration policy, comparing it to German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to allow refugees into her country. The move, Trump claimed, was “the downfall of Germany.”


“It was one of the worst things that ever happened to Germany,” she said. “This president knows that. He’s trying to prevent that from happening here.”