Lawful Evil Circuit Court Upholds Dumb-Ass Prison D&D Ban

A sad day for nerd-felons everywhere:

In an opinion issued on Monday , a three-judge panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit rejected the claims in a lawsuit challenging a ban on the game Dungeons & Dragons by the Waupun Correctional Institution in Wisconsin. […]

Dungeons & Dragons could “foster an inmate’s obsession with escaping from the real-life correctional environment, fostering hostility, violence and escape behavior,” prison officials said in court. That could make it more difficult to rehabilitate prisoners and could endanger public safety, they said.

The prison is being ridiculous, but the court is staying in line with my understanding of precedent, which basically gives prison authorities wide latitude to be petty, cruel, and absurd. The Brown/Miranda/Roe era still dominates popular understanding of the role of judicial in the American political system, but it was a historical aberration. Over the years, paying close attention to the right of ExxonMobil to finance political candidates and no attention to the rights of politically powerless convicts is very much in the tradition of the American judiciary.


Personally, I was more of a GURPS fan.