Leading White Nationalist To Speak At Pat Buchanan’s American Cause Conference This Month

The Southern Poverty Law Center reports that MSNBC’s Pat Buchanan has invited the editor of a white nationalist, anti-immigrant website to speak at the upcoming conference for his group, the American Cause.

Peter Brimelow, editor of, has written numerous tracts railing against immigration. He has said that the Republican party must “appeal to its base: white Americans,” and noted that John McCain “easily carried the white a.k.a. American vote.” Hitting back at critics of his website, he defended the site’s “white nationalist” writers:

We also publish on VDARE.COM a few writers…whom I would regard as “white nationalist,” in the sense that they aim to defend the interests of American whites. … Get used to it. As immigration policy drives whites into a minority, this type of interest-group “white nationalism” will inexorably increase.

Other writers on the site are even more outspoken in their racism, particularly Steve Sailor:

[W]hat if there is disparate impact for a good reason that is unmentionable: that blacks, on average, aren’t as smart as whites? We are supposed to constantly act as if the racial gaps seen on the New Haven firefighters’ written test were surprising when they are exactly the same as those seen on, say, graduate and professional school exams. [LINK]

In other words, what Obama hasn’t figured out yet…is that Better Teachers means Whiter Teachers. [LINK]

It’s no surprise that Buchanan would invite such a hatemonger to his conference. Buchanan himself has appeared at least twice on a neo-Nazi radio show; one appearance was streamed live on Stormfront, one of the most prominent white supremacist online forums. More recently, Buchanan has led the far-right attack against Sonia Sotomayor and in supposed defense of white men, going to far as to claim that “what is happening now to white men right now is exactly what was done to black folks for years.”


As Media Matters’ Jamison Foser asked, what exactly would Pat Buchanan have to say or do to get himself fired from MSNBC?