“Left-Wing Radical”: Hannity Kicks Off Next Wilson Smear Campaign

Last night on Fox News, Sean Hannity introduced yet another element of the right-wing’s effort to deflect attention from the core issues of the CIA leak scandal. During a discussion about possible indictments this week, Hannity said, “We do know that [Wilson is] a left-wing radical.”

After being smeared by the Bush administration, Wilson has been rightly critical of their tactics. But Wilson’s resume doesn’t support Hannity’s claim.

A career diplomat for 23 years, Wilson worked in the foreign service during the George H.W. Bush administration as charg© d’affaires in Baghdad. The Washington Post reported that Bush senior called Wilson a “’truly inspiring’ diplomat who exhibited ‘courageous leadership’ by facing down Hussein and helping to gain freedom for the Americans before the 1991 war began.”

Wilson has also donated to members of both political parties, including $1,000 to George W. Bush.