Lesbian Houston Mayor Fights Back Against Anti-Gay Opponent: ‘I’m Being Attacked Simply Because I’m A Lesbian’

Last month, Houston businessman Dave Wilson — who is challenging openly gay Houston Mayor Annise Parker — sent out a fundraising letter criticizing his opponent for using her “sexual orientation” to promote a “homosexual agenda.” “Being a homosexual is one thing,” the letter read, “but using your position of power to promote the homosexual agenda, is quite another”:

I have family members and friends who have been ensnared and trapped in homosexual behavior, and I now firstahand of the incredible pain and sorrow it has brought to them and their families. Religious freedom will be stifled and millions more will be trapped as the demand for legal and political approval for homosexual behavior increases.

I obtained your name and address from Ms. Parker’s campaign finance report. I realize that some of you support Ms. Parker’s alternatie lifestle and agree with her promoting the homosexual agenda. But to those of you who do not, and donated to her campaign out of financial obligation to your company, I would ask you to search your soul and re-think your support.

Parker is fighting back and is using Wilson’s letter to “ask for campaign money nationwide.” “I’m being attacked simply because I’m a lesbian,” she writes in a fundraising appeal sent out last month, “Your contribution will help me win re-election and show David Wilson and narrow-minded bigots everywhere that anti-gay attacks dont’ work and have no place in civilized society.” Watch a local news report on the story:


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As mayor, Parker extended the city’s anti-discrimination policy to include protections for transgendered individuals and appointed Phyllis Frye, a transgender woman, to be a municipal judge.