Let’s get the new technology party started

Bush’s speech is not until 2:45 pm (you can watch it here on C-SPAN3), but those engaged in my proposed drinking game are already plastered. Why? The front-page story in today’s WSJ (subs. req’d) says of the Bush speech:

He will also argue against legislation that raises taxes or makes demands that are technologically unattainable and could hurt the economy, such as by raising fuel costs. He will call for more emphasis on new technology rather than raising the price of old technology.

[Hmm. Who else makes that pitch?]

That is two technology shots already (OK, I can’t hold my liquor like, say, Hillary)!


That photo comes from an, “The Bush Drinking Game: Climate Change Edition.” Yes, a competing drinking game — but far more involved. I’m not certain that anybody who is drinking as much as the game requires will be able to follow all of the various rules. They do offer some good advice for those of you who will be watching this speech from work:

If you’re stuck at the office, we suggest that you and your colleagues use these following categories to create a Bush Bingo game.

Don’t listen to Bush and drive.