Letterman presses McCain on his plan to ‘get’ Osama Bin Laden.

During the second presidential debate last week in Nashville, TN, McCain declared, “I know how to get” Osama bin Laden and promised that as President he would “get” him “no matter what.” Last night, David Letterman tried to follow up to get the specifics of McCain’s plan:

LETTERMAN: You feel confidently that you have maybe the advantage of greater information than the current president?


LETTERMAN: But you have an idea —


MCCAIN: I think I know, because of my many years being involved in these issues, how to develop a plan. One of the areas, of course, is human intelligence, which we’re very badly lacking. And so I am confident that we can get him.

Watch the two clips together:

Debate moderator Tom Brokaw didn’t follow up with McCain for details. Letterman — a comedian — is the first to press McCain on his claims.