Libertarian-Commissioned Poll Finds Wide Support For Banning Guns Produced By 3D Printers

CREDIT: Wikipedia
CREDIT: Wikipedia

While one might expect a survey conducted by libertarians to find opposition for government intervention, a new poll commissioned by the libertarian-leaning publication Reason has found that a significant majority of Americans support banning guns produced by 3D printers.

Opposition for such weapons — which can go undetected through metal detectors — spans party lines. Sixty-seven percent of Democrats favor banning the firearms, according to the poll, and 55 percent of Republicans (and 50 percent of tea partiers) agree. Fifty-two percent of people who identify as independent want the guns banned.


A mere 25 percent of Democrats and 33 percent of Republicans and Independents believe that one should be allowed to print a 3D gun at home.

Polls also show significant approval of background checks for gun purchases, which between 85 and 90 percent of Americans support. It makes sense; both being able to print a gun in secret in your home and buying a gun from a pawn shop without a background check provide no accountability to the gun owner, potentially increasing the risk of the gun owner committing crime.