Lieberman breaks with Cheney: ‘We’re not less safe’ under Obama.

Yesterday on CBS’s Face the Nation, former Vice President Cheney repeated his claim that President Obama is making the country less secure. Notably, Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT), who has largely agreed with Cheney on national security policy, disagrees. Today on MSNBC, Lieberman said the U.S. is not less safe under Obama:

LIEBERMAN: No, we’re not less safe. I suppose that’s the short answer, and probably as good as I can give. I disagree with some of the things the administration has done. Even in the closing of Guantanamo, they’re being very methodical at this point.

“Our guard is up,” he said. “On balance, we remain as safe as we can possibly be in a world in which there is Islamist extremists who want to attack us.” Watch it:


Former White House press secretary Dana Perino also has broken with Cheney. “One last question I need a yes or no. Do you feel safe under President Obama?” Bill O’Reilly asked her on Friday. “So far, yes,” Perino responded. (HT: Politico)