Lieberman: We’ll ‘Hope And Pray’ For Regime Change After Iran Attack

Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) told Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty this week that he thinks the chances are “high” that Iran will face military attack if the regime in Tehran doesn’t change course on its nuclear program. In that event, Lieberman said he’ll “hope and pray” the regime falls:

“I think we have the capability either to eliminate the Iranian nuclear weapons program or to disable it in a way that it will be delayed for enough years that we may hope and pray that there will be a regime change and that there will be a more democratic and friendly regime.”

Watch the clip:

Lieberman pushed a resolution earlier this year ruling out containing a nuclear armed Iran and loosened the threshold for military action to an Iranian nuclear weapons “capability” — a position that some have observed would make a diplomatic solution to the crisis more difficult.


But while Lieberman would hope and pray the Iranian regime falls in the aftermath of a military attack, others, like former Israeli spy chief Meir Dagan, have warned that it would have the opposite effect of rallying Iranians around the regime, as well as sparking a regional war and “accelerat[ing] the procurement of the bomb.”