Lieberman: ‘We’ve Got To Be Prepared To Take Aggressive Military Action’ Against Iran

This morning on CBS’s Face the Nation, Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) strongly advocated preparing for a strike against Iran.

“I think we have to be prepared to take aggressive military action against the Iranians to stop them from killing Americans in Iraq,” Lieberman said. Host Bob Schieffer followed-up: “Let’s just stop right there. Because I think you probably made some news here, Senator Lieberman. You’re saying that if the Iranians don’t let up, that the United States should take military action?” “I am,” Lieberman responded.


Lieberman added that “if there’s any hope” of stopping Iran’s nuclear program, “we can’t just talk to them. … We’ve got to use our force and to me that would include taking military action.” Watch it:


Inside the Bush administration, there has been a reported divergence of views regarding how to approach Iran. The State Department, led by Condoleezza Rice, has advocated a diplomatic course for resolving differences with Iran, a strategy that recently led to the first formal talks between U.S. and Iran in the last 27 years.

Vice President Cheney, on the other hand, reportedly believes the “diplomatic track with Iran is pointless, and is looking for ways to persuade Bush to confront Iran militarily.” Steve Clemons of the Washington Note wrote recently that “Cheney is planning to deploy an ‘end run strategy’ around the President if he and his team lose the policy argument,” and is meeting with Iran war advocates at the American Enterprise Institute to piece together a coalition. It appears Lieberman is on board.

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