Limbaugh Blames Pages For Foley’s Misconduct

Today on his radio program, Rush Limbaugh blamed Congressional pages for Mark Foley’s misconduct. He said that the communications reported by ABC were example of “young kids” who like to “make fun of gay people.” Rush’s evidence? As a child, he used to order refrigerators over the phone for adults he thought were “odd or weird” as a prank. Here’s an excerpt:

Back in these days you could call Sears and order a refrigerator on the phone. I had a teacher living up the street and it was the biggest thrill in the world to just call and order a refrigerator and watch Sears deliver it to an unsuspecting teacher and his wife, and far stranger things than that. But we always picked out adults that we just thought were odd or weird, and it would be fun to make fun of them, and I don’t think kids today are any different…

But you know as well as I do that young kids make fun of gay people. They make fun of the way they talk; they make fun of the way some of them walk and so forth. Who knows what the word around town about fellow Foley was. Who knows? We all know that young people gay bash. Young people do a lot of stuff. They don’t have the maturity to understand this kind of stuff…

I tell you, folks, you’ve got this page out there; you probably have a bunch of pages laughing and making fun of Foley and the way he comes on to them, and he’s gay and so forth, so they egg him on and so forth….


Matt Drudge is advancing the same incoherent story. At the same time, more pages are stepping forward with details of unsolicited advances from Foley. One page told ABC, “this was no prank.”

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