Limbaugh Defends TV Producer’s Sexist Remarks: ‘It’s All Vagina All The Time…OK Women, Let Us Alone’

Lee Aronsohn, the co-creator of the hit comedy sitcom ‘Two and a Half Men,’ issued a host of sexist remarks at a television conference recently, complaining about the over-saturation of female-oriented comedies. “We’re approaching peak vagina on television, the point of labia saturation,” Aronsohn said, adding, “‘Enough, ladies, I get it. You have periods.”

Calling Aronsohn a “sexist creep,” Alyssa Rosenberg noted the comment “tells you everything about how cosseted Hollywood’s disgusting sexists are.” Aronsohn issued a flippant apology on Twitter: “Yes, yes — it was a stupid joke. I’m sorry.”

While Aronsohn elicited widespread anger as a result of his snide insults, he did find one defender: Rush Limbaugh. The hate radio host, who constantly bemoans the “chickification” of various aspects of American life, used that term his defense of Aronsohn, urging women to leave them alone today:

All he’s talking about here is the chickification of his business. He writes sitcoms — he’s a comedy writer. He says the women have taken over. It’s all vagina all the time. We get it! Ok women, let us alone.


Watch it:

Limbaugh is trying to repair his corporate brand with advertisers, hordes of whom have left his show due to his willingness to engage in sexist attacks. Limbaugh is of course a suitable defender of Aronsohn, given his distinguished track record and his willingness to call female advocates “sluts.”