Limbaugh: I get high ratings from ‘being positive,’ ‘inspiring and motivational.’

On Fox News last night, Rush Limbaugh noted Aug. 1 marks his 21st anniversary of being on air. When host Greta Van Susteren asked him what his “secret” is to his “amazing” “longevity,” Limbaugh replied that it’s his “positive” and “inspiring” messages:

People don’t want to be beat up every day with, This caffeine product is going to kill you, or, The seas are rising and New York’s going to get flooded. They want to hear about greatness.

They want — people want to be inspired! People want to be motivated. They want their positive thoughts validated. They don’t want to hear every day how everything’s going to hell in a handbasket and there’s a shortage of handbaskets. They don’t want to hear this. That’s what gets ratings on television. I have shown you get ratings on radio being positive, respecting the audience, being inspiring and motivational at times, when it’s necessary.

Watch it:


Showing off some of his “positive” messages, Limbaugh last night said that Obama’s health care reform was “an ideological attempt to control freedom, limit it as much as possible.” Limbaugh also tried to fear-monger about how Obama is making the situation worse for the American public, saying, “They don’t have jobs. They don’t have rising incomes. They don’t have the seas being lowered. He actually promised that. We — none of — we don’t have anything positive happening.” (HT: News Hounds)