Limbaugh: ‘Islamofascists’ are campaigning for Democrats.

Media Matters notes that yesterday, right wing radio talker Rush Limbaugh claimed that “liberalism is the greatest threat this country faces, not Islamofascism.” Limbaugh added that the “Islamofascists” are “campaigning” for Democrats this cycle:

[I]f the liberals dominate and win, and are in power for four, eight years or more, they don’t take Islamofascism as a threat. And we know this because the Islamofascists are actually campaigning for the election of Democrats. Islamofascists from Ahmadinejad to al-Zawahiri, Oba — Osama bin Laden, whoever, are constantly issuing Democrat talking points.

Limbaugh’s rhetoric mirrors the conservative strategy around the 2006 elections. At the time, Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT), Dick Cheney, and the White House all suggested al Qaeda was hoping for a Democratic Congress.



Echoing Limbaugh, on the conservative Hugh Hewitt radio show yesterday, the American Enterprise Institute’s Michael Rubin said Iran “will do what they can to hurt John McCain ahead of the election.”