Limbaugh on Hispanic mayor of LA: I thought he was either a ‘shoe shine guy or a Secret Service agent.’

Today, Rush Limbaugh appeared on Fox News to discuss to Sen. Hillary Clinton’s (D-NY) joke that he has a crush on her. Limbaugh responded with a story about how President Bill Clinton once allegedly tried to hit on his date. He said that Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, who was with Clinton, distracted him, because he wasn’t sure if Villaraigosa was a “shoe shine guy” or a “Secret Service agent”:

I understand now why Bill Clinton hit on my date about a year ago at the Kobe Club in New York. I was minding my own business and Clinton came in. And the short version is he used the mayor of Los Angeles to distract me, while hitting on my date. […]

He came over three or four times, had Ron Burkle with him and the mayor of Los Angeles, who I thought was either the shoe shine guy or a Secret Service agent.

Watch it:



More here on Limbaugh’s knowledge of the “Spanish” people.

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