Limbaugh resigns as ‘titular head’ of the Republican Party, passes ‘the baton’ to Colin Powell.

Today on his show, hate radio talker Rush Limbaugh delivered a tongue-in-cheek monologue in which he announced that he was “resigning as the titular head of the Republican party.” Limbaugh explained, “It’s not an office I sought, it was a position that rather was ladled onto me…without my acquiescence. … I quit!” Explaining his reasoning for his resignation and continuing his public feud with Gen. Colin Powell, Limbaugh said:

LIMBAUGH: There frankly is someone far more qualified and capable and more in tune with today’s Republican party than I to be, not only its titular head, but its real head and that would be Gen. Colin Powell. So, I now pass the baton to Gen. Powell as the titular head of the Republican party. From this day forward, it will be up to Gen. Powell to instruct the party on things it needs to do to win elections in 2010 and of course the all important presidential election in 2012.

Watch it:


While it’s not clear whether or not Powell is “more in tune with today’s Republican party” than Limbaugh, Powell is certainly “more in tune” with the American public.