Lindsey Graham ends ‘Fox & Friends’ interview with remarkably casual bigotry

Mask off.


During an interview on Tuesday’s edition of Fox & Friends, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) responded to Elizabeth Warren’s announcement that she has Native American ancestry by announcing that he too is planning to take a DNA test.

Hosts concluded the interview by urging Graham to come back on the show soon to reveal the results of his test.

“I’ll be probably be Iranian. That’d be like, terrible,” Graham said, in an attempt to be humorous. (Note: Remarks begin at 6:19 in the video)


Graham’s stunningly casual bigotry was too much even for host Brian Kilmeade, who tried to help him out by saying, “They’re great people, just bad leaders.”

Graham, however, kept digging.

“Yeah, bad leaders,” Graham said. “I’m not in the ayatollah branch.”

Graham’s comments on Fox & Friends are reminiscent of the casual bigotry he expressed toward people from the Middle East at an AIPAC dinner in 2015. From Salon:

[W]ell before Trump was a serious contender for the presidency, Graham was speaking at an AIPAC dinner and feeling out a possible 2016 presidential run. “Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, Al Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula,” riffed Graham, “Everything that starts with ‘Al’ [‘the’] in the Middle East is bad news.”