Looks like I’m going on FoxNews again, thanks to Inhofe

The NOAA chart FoxNews put up is discussed here.

In January I went on Neil Cavuto’s show because it was cold outside. Today — barring a last-minute cancellation (which happened last week) — I’ll be going on again around 4:05 thanks to the Senator even the Washington Post mocked as “the last flat-earther.”

UPDATE: Yes, Cavuto kept me on about twice as long as usual, but then proceeded to cut me off repeatedly, which I confess I wasn’t prepared for because he hadn’t done this before. Next time I’ll have a different strategy. I’ll let the comments from the Fox crowd run since it is important to get that perspective every once in a while — and it also helps you see what you’re missing on all those other blogs that have been taken over by the anti-science crowd!

The news “hook,” I think, is that Sen. James Inhofe (R-OIL) has a new report out (click here if you must) — mostly a tired rehashing of the email story in an attempt to give it a second wind and tie it to the IPCC story.


If he can rehash his disinformation, I can rehash actual information from scientist (see below).

I’d be most interested in any suggestions for snappy soundbites. I may even have a surprise!

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