Lord Monckton meltdown: “I’m not going to shake the hands of Hitler youth.”

TVMOB caught on video in multiple extreme falsehoods: “There hasn’t been any global warming for 15 years” — according to all 5 global temperature databases! Falsely asserts Trenberth agrees.

The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley (TVMOB) is one of the most grotesque liars in the climate arena, as the above video shows.

TVMOB repeatedly claims there has been no warming since 1994! And he compounds that falsehood with several more, by asserting that all 5 global temperature databases agree with him, when in fact none of them support that assertion (see Statisticians reject global cooling; Caldeira “” “To talk about global cooling at the end of the hottest decade the planet has experienced in many thousands of years is ridiculous”).

For the record, in NASA’s and NOAA’s record, 2005 was the warmest year on record . The Met Office/Hadley/CRU data shows steady warming over the past decade (see here). And according to NOAA, both satellite datasets show warming this decade (see “NOAA: Second hottest September on record and virtual tie for hottest in lower troposphere from satellite data”.

Then TVMOB falsely asserts climatologist Kevin Trenberth agrees in private with TVMOB’s claims, when he most certainly does not (see Let’s look at one of the illegally hacked emails in more detail “” the one by NCAR’s Kevin Trenberth on “where the heck is global warming?”).


Of course, Lord Monckton has gotten much attention in Copenhagen for his grotesque hate-speech aimed at young climate science realists (see Monckton meltdown: TVMOB repeats and expands on his charge that those who embrace climate science are “Hitler youth” and fascists). The above video shows just how unrepentant, insensitive, and indiscriminate TVMOB is with his hate speech. For TVMOB, any young person who interrupts a presentation of his is Hitler Youth. Heck, just even being nearby other activists makes you Hitler youth.

Again, Monckton should be condemned by the Congressional conservatives who embraced him and have had him testify, like Barton who said (see Rep. Barton: Climate change is ‘natural,’ humans should just ‘get shade’ “” invites ‘expert’ TVMOB (!) to testify):

“I especially want to thank Lord Monckton for testifying. He is generally acknowledged as one of the most knowledgeable, if not the most knowledgeable, expert from a skeptical point of view on this issue of climate change. I’m very glad he could stay over this week in the United States and testify at the hearing.”

h/t Campus Progress’s Tommaso Boggia.