Lou Dobbs a ‘publicity nightmare’ for CNN.

The AP reports that Lou Dobbs has “become a publicity nightmare for CNN, embarrassed his boss and hosted a show that seemed to contradict the network’s ‘no bias’ brand. And on top of all that, his ratings are slipping.” Dobbs, who has given favorable coverage to the “birther” conspiracy, is forcing CNN President Jon Klein to offer untenable defenses of his conduct:

Klein said Dobbs does a smart newscast that explores issues that get little in-depth attention elsewhere, such as trade with China, health care funding and the stimulus plan. He suggested Dobbs’ CNN work is unfairly lumped in with his unrelated radio show, and that he’s judged on the show he did a couple of years ago, when Dobbs became a political target for his campaigning against illegal immigration.

Media Matters notes that Dobbs’ “smart newscast” is a regular fount of misinformation. Moreover, Klein’s claim that Dobbs’ radio show is “unrelated” to his TV show is false. Media Matters also reports that Dobbs frequently promotes his CNN show and hosts his CNN colleagues on his radio show.