Low-Level Talks With Cuba

Ginger Thompson reports that “informal meetings” are planned with Cuban officials to explore the possibility of more formal talks. Sounds good to me.

The story also notes something that conservatives keep failing to see in their critiques of Obama’s approach to Latin America; the fact that this is what Latin American governments want:

Mr. Obama has faced mounting pressure from Latin America and from his supporters in this country to do more to reverse the United States’ 47-year-old trade embargo against the Castro dictatorship. Cuba has become the litmus test by which many Latin American nations measure the United States’ commitment to improving relations with the region.

In the fever swamps of the right-wing, shaking hands with Hugo Chavez was some kind of fiasco. But throughout the region, leaders are happy to see a United States that’s ready to try to have cordial, cooperative relations with its neighbors rather than engage in endless Cold War feuds.