Loyal Bushies Create Bush-Cheney Alumni Association Website To ‘Help Build A Lasting Legacy’

Even before President Bush left office, he and his loyal Bushies were hard at work shaping his legacy, comparing him to Abraham Lincoln and claiming his failed policies were smashing successes. Work on his presidential library has also been increasing in recent months.

The newest installment of “George Bush is a wonderful person” is now online: the Bush-Cheney Alumni Association website. All Bush employees, appointees, interns, campaign donors, and volunteers are eligible to join. The site’s mission is to be “a forum in which alumni can stay connected and help build a lasting legacy for President George W. Bush and the Bush-Cheney Administration.”

The site contains a considerable amount of hagiography, with the highlighted “Bush Record Documents” compilations called:

— The Bush Record: Praise For President’s Accomplishments


— The Bush Record: More Praise For President’s Accomplishments

— The Bush Record: Praise Continues For President’s Accomplishments

Many of the articles were written by conservative columnists or former Bush aides. A look at the site:

These loyal Bushies have also set up several Facebook pages, including “Bush Cheney Alumni,” “Bush-Cheney Administration Alumni,” “White House Advance — Bush/Cheney 2001–2009,” and “Thank You President Bush.” Users on those sites have left comments such as: “Is it too soon to miss them?” and “Got a kiss from W yesterday at his farewell ceremony at Andrews :o(.”