Luntz Sells PR Firm to White House Propagandists

Right-wing political strategist and wordsmith Frank Luntz has sold his polling and communication company. The lucky new owner: the Omnicom Group, which you might know better as the owner of the PR firm Ketchum.

Don’t know Ketchum? Here’s a rap sheet of their past work:

— Oversaw the Bush administration deal that paid Armstrong Williams $240,000 in taxpayer dollars to hawk No Child Left Behind

— As part of a $700,000 contract, produced a “video news release geared for television stations” for the Department of Education that “does not identify the government as the source of the report” and “fails to make clear the person purporting to be a reporter was someone hired for the promotional video.” The story ends with the voice of a woman saying, “In Washington, I’m Karen Ryan reporting.”


— Developed a ranking system for newspaper coverage of No Child Left Behind. Points were awarded for stories saying “President Bush and the Republican Party are strong on education,” while “Stories lost five points for negative messages, including claims that the law is not adequately funded or is too tough on states.”

Looks like Luntz’s shop will be in good hands.