Lurita ‘Cookies On The Table’ Doan Challenges Waxman To A Duel: ‘I Can’t Wait’

Yesterday, the House Oversight Committee released a report concluding that the White House “used the political affairs office to orchestrate an aggressive strategy to use taxpayer-funded trips to help elect Republican candidates for public office.” One of the appointees aiding in this effort, according to the report, was then-General Services Administration (GSA) chief Lurita Doan.

Doan first gained notoriety for using a January 2007 government teleconference to “ask senior GSA officials to help ‘our candidates’ in the next elections.” In May 2007, the White House Office of Special Counsel (OSC) found that she had violated the Hatch Act. In June, both the OSC and Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) called on Doan to resign. In April, the White House finally forced her to step down.

Doan is back now. Furious at the House committee’s new report, Doan fired off an angry letter to Waxman yesterday, accusing him of “vicious, partisan politics.” She challenged him to let her come back to Congress to testify and clear her name:

Once again, you have falsely asserted that, as the administrator of GSA, I improperly attempted to use government resources or my office to influence an election. This assertion, masquerading as an official committee report, is especially reprehensible because you, more than anyone else, know that it is utterly false. […]


I now understand you and your ubiquitous hypocrisy. I know how your witch hunts and kangaroo courts work. So please, invite me to testify. I can’t wait.

It’s surprising that Doan remembers so much about Waxman’s previous allegations and that she’s so eager to return to Congress. After all, last time she testified before his committee in March 2007, she embarrassingly couldn’t remember anything except that “there were cookies on the table” at one of her meetings. Watch a montage:


If she testifies, it’s unclear whether she will reiterate her belief that government employees who criticize her are the equivalent of “terrorists.”