Lurita Doan returns as a radio commentator.

Last April, the Bush administration forced General Services Administration (GSA) chief Lurita “cookies on the table” Doan, who was dogged with scandal, to resign from her post. Last night, TPM’s David Kurtz noted that Doan is now returning to public life as a commentator on leadership for Federal News Service. Doan, who once compared GSA inspector general employees to terrorists, describes her personal beliefs on leadership:

“I think it’d be really interesting to look at leadership that works within the government, and sometimes outside of the government, and of course at leadership that doesn’t work, and what the consequences are both for us as government employees and for American taxpayers,” says Doan. […]

“It’s much talked about, everyone has an opinion about it, many like to claim the mantle, but leadership is enormously hard, incredibly challenging and it’s something we are all constantly searching for both in and out of government,” explains Doan.

There’s no doubt that Doan has first hand experience with “leadership that doesn’t work.”