Lynne Cheney: ‘Dick and Barack Obama are eighth cousins.’

In an MSNBC interview today, host Norah O’Donnell asked Lynne Cheney her views on Sen. Hillary Clinton’s (D-NY) presidential campaign and whether “America is ready for a woman president.” Cheney replied that she actually has a “certain bias”:

One of the things I discovered was that Dick and Barack Obama are eighth cousins. Is that an amazing thing? If you go back eight generations, we have a common ancestor.

Watch it:



When asked if that means she’s “for Barack Obama,” Cheney replied, “No.”

UPDATE: A spokeswoman Lynne Cheney explained to the AP that Obama “is a descendent of Mareen Duvall. This French Huguenot’s son married the granddaughter of a Richard Cheney, who arrived in Maryland in the late 1650’s from England, said Ginny Justice, a spokeswoman for Lynne Cheney.” The Obama campaign’s response? “Every family has a black sheep.”

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