Lynne Cheney Falsely Attacks PBS Documentary As ‘One-Sided,’ ‘Predictable,’ And ‘A Hit Job’

During her appearance on MSNBC today, Lynne Cheney attempted to discredit Cheney’s Law, the new Frontline documentary exploring her husband’s “secretive, and often bitter battle to expand the power of the presidency,” calling it “predictable,” “one-sided” and “a hit job.” Cheney charged that the film, which premieres tonight, has a “complete and total lack of objectivity”:

A piece like this, which is the second in a series. The complete and total lack of objectivity in this piece. The fact that no long form documentary is being prepared, or will ever be prepared that would show it from the other point of view. This is a one-sided, it’s a, what do you call it, a hit job.

Watch it:


While Cheney is complaining about Frontline’s supposed “one-sided” report, she neglects to mention that neither Vice President Cheney nor his Chief of Staff David Addington “agreed to be interviewed” for the documentary. Their point of view is expressed, however, by former Office of Legal Counsel lawyer John Yoo, who had an integral hand in formulating the legal basis for Cheney’s policies.


Additionally, Ms. Cheney is demonstrating an exceptionally weak memory when she claims “no long form documentary…will ever be prepared that would show it from the other point of view,” considering that just this past weekend Fox News aired an hour-long hagiography titled “Dick Cheney: No Retreat.”

Who gave Cheney’s “point of view” to Fox? Dick Cheney.

UPDATE: Watch the preview of Cheney’s Law: