Roy Moore allegations cause major corporation to rethink its financial support of GOP

Former Alabama Chief Justice and U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore (CREDIT: AP Photo/Brynn Anderson, File)

MassMutual, the nation’s largest life insurance company, is rethinking future donations to the Republican National Committee in light of the party’s decision to bankroll the senate campaign of Roy Moore, an alleged sexual predator. In a statement to, the company said it would “review future contributions to the RNC in part based on their reported decision in recent days to reengage in the Alabama Senate race.”

The current position of MassMutual differs greatly from their initial response to ThinkProgress’ report highlighting how their donation to the RNC was now being used to support Moore’s campaign. MassMutual initially denied there was any connection between their financial support of the RNC and Moore, who is now receiving money and other support from the RNC. noted that “[t]he company accused ThinkProgress of ‘falsely’ asserting that the money its PAC contributed to the RNC was being used to support Moore’s campaign, even though it did not present any evidence demonstrating otherwise.” The company dodged a question about whether it “had received assurances from the RNC that no portion of its donations were being used in the Alabama race or whether its donations to the RNC had been effectively siloed or designated toward a particular cause.”

Pfizer, another large corporate donor to the RNC, also appears to be in denial about how their money is being used. “Our PAC donation to the RNC is not connected in any way to the Senate race in Alabama. In fact, we made PAC contributions to Roy Moore’s opponent both during the primary and run-off election. Pfizer does not condone, under any circumstances, Mr. Moore’s alleged behavior,” a spokesperson told ThinkProgress. The company described the RNC’s $170,000 transfer to support Moore’s campaign as an “alleged pro-Moore effort[].”

A complete list of major corporate donors to the Republican party, which is now working to elect an alleged child sex abuser to the U.S. Senate, can be found here.