Make A Call For Health Care For All

In yesterday’s New York Times, Paul Krugman argued that the “final hurdle facing health care reform is the risk that the next president and Congress will lose focus”:

There will be many problems crying out for solutions, from a weak economy to foreign policy crises. It will be easy and tempting to put health care on the back burner for a bit — and then forget about it.

But as Jason Rosenbaum of Health Care Reform For America Now! points out, it’s up to the majority of Americans who support health care reform to demand it. Indeed, “82% of Americans think our health care system needs a “major overhaul” and “over 90% of Americans think the next President and Congress should improve the quality, affordability and of health care”

It’s time for the American people to join together and demand “quality, affordable health care for all”:


Quite simply, with rising health care costs (including $50 billion per year to pay for insurance industry advertising) being born out by working families and American businesses, health care is a top economic concern. To keep American workers at their best, and to keep American business competitive in the world, something has to change.

Nancy Pelosi has recently declared health care expansion to be #2 on her list of legislative priorities, right after ending the Iraq war. In the past month, tens of thousands of Americans have told us they want quality, affordable health care for all. Now it’s time to ask Congress.

Health Care For America Now! is calling on all Americans to contact their Congressional representatives “and ask them if they support our vision for health care reform.” Just click here and enter in your phone number and address. “Choose the elected official you want to talk to and in a few moments, we’ll call your phone and connect you automatically.”