Make Oprah’s new network green and support Ecological Internet

Here are two things you can do over the holiday weekend.

  1. Vote for green radio host Betsy Rosenberg to get a show on Oprah’s new network (click here to see her video audition and vote for it).
  2. Support Dr. Glen Barry and the Ecological Internet (click here).

Here’s more from both of them. First Rosenberg:

Let’s Turn The Tide with Your OWN Green Talk Show!

For more than a decade I hosted the nation’s 1st environmental show on commercial radio, interviewing the top green leaders & eco-innovators of our time. These informative & inspiring conversations are engaging, entertaining & filled with passion, purpose, and sustainable solutions. By connecting the dots between personal & planetary health, & bringing such compelling content to mainstream America, this first-of-its-kind TV talk show will be one-stop-shopping for all things green! In addition to interviews we’ll feature fun segments like “Confess Your Eco-sins”, “What-A-Waste awards”, “Climate Corner” (spotlighting change agents), “Test Your Eco-IQ”, “Green-Cam-On-The-Go” & more. We’ll have raw food demos, updates from leaders in Green Business, Building, Transportation, Clean Tech, Energy & Cost Saving Tips, Green Glamour, even Green Gossip. With our A-list experts, we’ll laugh, learn and lighten up in a smart new way that protects what we love most. Thx for your votes!!


You can vote here.

And here is Dr. Barry’s “Last Call to Support Ecological Internet” (whose news feed, Planet Ark, CP uses):

Last Call to Support Ecological Internet

Dear colleagues,

For two decades I have sacrificed and worked my fingers to the bone to highlight Earth’s pending demise and organize to the best of my ability resources and thought regarding how Gaia can be protected and renewed. One hundred hour weeks, 24/7/365, few vacations, often working several jobs to subsidize the ecological activism; always finding a way to keep the biocentric news tracking, search, alerts and deep ecology blogging flowing. Well frankly, I am almost at the end of my ropes. The strain of taking on more than we should with the resources available to Ecological Internet has got to change.

We are very pleased to have raised $32,000 through your generosity and commitment. This is somewhat problematic as it remains $18,000 short of our goal. This means I could spend all day every day screaming at the top of my lungs Earth is dying, naming the villains, and providing workable solutions; but just covering expenses, I would be broke, and almost certainly slipping further into debt for the privilege of acting on your behalf as Earth’s provocateur. Yet Earth is dying and we have to buck it up, and sacrifice even our lives if necessary. Right? There is so much to do. Already with your funds have programmers working upon some new database capabilities to better automate flows of information via social networks.

So what is the solution given this sad predicament? Firstly, I am taking the first proper two week vacation to catch up on the house, garden and rest of my non-work life (such as it is) — to return to duty on July 7th. During this time I will be reflecting upon whether Ecological Internet can continue to exist as organized. One option is to take a part-time or full-time job as I have in the past and do what I can in my “spare” time to collect, write and network biocentric thought and action. Or the services EI provides could be cut back. Frankly, not too appealing and if going to serve as a biocentric aggregator, filtering and targeting information flows; want to do it full-time or not at all if possible.

The other option is to try to raise a few more thousand dollars by the end of the month. Maybe 10 of you could give $250, and 100 $25 and then there would be some buffer in the cash flow of EI’s unique efforts. Certainly there is one person on the list that could just donate $20,000 and get it done. The good news is from what has been raised It appears that EI will be able to operate in some form (just barely) albeit sort of limping by, perhaps cutting back, for the next six months. However, raising something more will greatly help. And during the vacation you can think what it will be like if EI fails.

I had intended to make a dedicated appeal to support our Papua New Guinea work in Madang. There we have brought to international attention plans to build a huge industrial tuna-fish canning complex, efforts by Chinese government to finish their nickel mine that dumps waste straight inhe ocean, and the efforts of evil Malaysian loggers to decimate some one million hectares in the Ramu river valley. We have delayed the loggers for over half a year, and have the miners on the ropes. We need your support to avoid losing our office, and to keep staff working to gather and network information on the ground in this rainforest/ocean paradise.

And there is the matter of the nearly finished book “New Earth Rising” — which argues passionately Earth is dying, and lays out a possible revolutionary scenario to save her and being. If I didn’t have to take on other work, I could finish that, lending some political ecology science to the academic debate regarding how to achieve global ecological sustainability.

What we have built together is special and should not be hastily discarded. We have invented use of the Internet to express ecological thought — first blog, first eco-search engines, best portals, most ecologically ass kicking message, new funding model — where EI remains completely independent, only speaking for Earth. Ecological Internet speaks for Earth’s interests. Please let me find lots of last minute donations when I return, as I now put away the computer for two weeks. Help us reach our goal of $50,000 to campaign on behalf of Earth as a whole. And with that I bring to an end the 2010 mid-year fund-raiser (whoo!). Thank you.

For Earth,Dr. Glen Barry

You can donate here.