Mall of America officials backtrack on banning non-English speaking reporters from Palin’s book event.

On Dec. 7, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin will be at the Mall of America to sign copies of her new book. In advance of her visit, mall officials sent out a message to reporters: If you don’t speak English, stay away. The Chicago Tribune’s Mark Silva reports:

Officials at the Minnesota mega-mall this week told reporters planning to cover the Minneapolis-area stop on Palin’s Going Rogue book tour they must address the 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate who resigned as governor last summer by her old title — a common honor, actually, which normally is accorded to former governors.

But the mall also was banning foreign reporters, [permitting] “only English speaking press.” That’s not a common requirement.

The mall is now apologizing for the communique, calling it “an internal miscommunication” that was “inadvertently distributed.” (“In other words, it got out,” writes Silva.) A publicist for Palin’s publisher says it’s “not the message the governor wants to send out.”



The 2008 RNC Platform said English should be the “official language in our nation.”