Marco Rubio Announces His Support For Rick Scott’s Illegal Florida Voter Purge

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) defended Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s (R) attempted voter purge on Wednesday, brushing off its disproportionate targeting of Latino voters.

“How could anyone argue against a state identifying people who are not rightfully on the voter rolls and removing them from the voter rolls?” Rubio argued during an interview at a Bloomberg event.

When a reporter asked how they justified this costly move during a state budget crisis, Rubio dismissed the concern, saying that “I think one is too many.”

However, when the conversation shifted to why Florida had shortened its early voting period from two weeks to eight days — including cutting out the final Sunday of voting when many African-American churches go with their congregations to the polls — Rubio justified the move precisely because he said it would save money. “The cost-benefit analysis of the first week of voting was really not — was really not cost effective,” he said.


Scott’s voter purge list is heavily targeted at Democratic and Hispanic voters, according to an analysis by the Miami Herald. Latinos make up more than half — 58 percent — of those on the list. Nevertheless, Rubio said the he “wouldn’t characterize it as an effort to purge Latinos from the voting rolls.”