Mark Your Calendars

I had a hard time putting my finger on Robyn’s new track, “None of Dem,” streaming on her website right now for the first minute or so, but I think I’ve got why it doesn’t sound like most of her other work. There’s the music, for sure: it’s more minimal and almost…industrially electronic, it shimmers less than most of her music. But it’s also a genuinely angry song. And Robyn generally doesn’t do angry. She mocks people, like in “Cobrastyle” or “Handle Me.” She is sweetly dismissive, as in “Bum Like You.” The closest she’s probably got is her great cover of Saul Williams’ “List of Demands,” but it’s not really her song. She despairs. But she doesn’t rage. This is the flat, despairing anger of boredom and depression, and it’s a little startling. But I think I like it. And the first of her three albums this year comes out June 14.