Martha Coakley Running for MA Senate

Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley has become the first person to officially announce that she’ll run to fill Ted Kennedy’s seat in the United States Senate. Tim Fernholz did an informative Coakley profile this past spring, focusing on her work taking on predatory lenders.

From where I sit in Washington, DC what’s wanted in a Kennedy successor is someone who’s:

(a) progressive, (b) effective, and (c) like to stay in office a long time and grow up to become a powerful committee chair

On (b) the fact that Coakley’s background in public service is entirely as a prosecutor rather than a legislator is a bit less than idea. On (c) she’s 56 which makes her younger than six of the Massachusetts House members. The exceptions are Steve Lynch, who’s 54 and anti-choice, and Jim McGovern who’s only 49. Women, of course, have an edge in the longevity department, and I don’t know anything about McGovern’s record.