Mattera clarifies his Sotomayor ‘shank’ comment: ‘What I meant to say is that she’ll shoot him up in a drive-by.’

Yesterday, ThinkProgress, picking up a post by the Washington Independent’s Dave Weigel, noted an offensive Facebook message by Young America’s Foundation spokesman Jason Mattera, in which he said, “If Sotomayor gained life experience from The Ghetto, does that mean she’d have a tendency to shank Scalia?” Mattera responded to “the silly outrage from liberals” today in a message to Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey:

Okay, guys. Sorry. I got it all wrong: Sotomayor will not “shank” Scalia on the bench. What I meant to say is that she’ll shoot him up in a drive-by. Watch out, brother Antonin!

Second salvo launched! Your turn, Sonia.

Mattera, who grew up in Brooklyn, claimed that his posting was part of a joking “inner-city rivalry” with the Bronx-born Sotomayor. He also said that he was just “mocking the notion that Sotomayor is somehow better qualified for the Supreme Court because of her early days in The Bronx.”



Weigel responds to Morrissey asking, “why TP and the WI spends its time trolling Jason’s Facebook account,” by saying that he’s friends with Mattera on Facebook and he monitors his (Weigel’s) “feed from time to time.”