Matthews: Neocons ‘May Be Right’ When They Say Bush ‘Has To Hit’ Iran

Today on MSNBC, Chris Matthews hosted a segment entitled “Is Iran Next?” Matthews said that Bill Kristol and other neoconservatives “may be right” when they argue that Bush “has to hit” Iran militarily. Watch it:


Matthews didn’t mention that a bi-partisan group of national security experts believe there are no good military options in Iran.



MATTHEWS: Maybe this is moot. But you know I keep hearing from people on the right — Robert Kagen and Bill Kristol, the guys who are the most hawkish and the most articulate in making their case and they may be right — that at the end of this administration, this hawkish administration — that was willing to go into Iraq and Afghanistan — if this president is not willing to knock out those facilities no future president is likely to do it. We’ll be stuck with a nuclear armed Iran which can rant and rave around that region, threatening Israel, Saudi and everybody else. And we’ll be stuck with it. So their argument is try the diplomatic route, try everything but in the end we have to hit ‘em.