McCain Actually Supports Cutting NASA Funding By $370 Million

Today, speaking in Florida, John McCain attacked his opponent for potentially reducing funding for certain NASA programs:

Let me say, just in case Senator Obama does decide to return to his original plan of cutting NASA funding — I oppose such cuts.

The only trouble is, he actually supports such cuts. McCain supports a discretionary spending freeze for his first year in office, which would allow inflation to erode the funding .

The currently requested funding level for NASA in 2009 is $17.6 billion. The Congressional Budget Office projects inflation of 2.1% between 2009 and 2010.


By freezing its funding at 2009 levels, John McCain would allow NASA’s budget to erode with inflation — an effective budget cut of $370 million.

As McCain himself says, “that position is a shortsighted approach that fails to recognize the benefits of space exploration and the technology and economic advantages that result from the space program.” NASA’s portfolio includes not only space exploration, but also vital research into global climate change.