McCain Dismisses Cheney’s Demand That Obama Apologize For Rebuking Bush Administration’s Use Of Torture

Former Vice President Dick Cheney lauded President Obama for his significant success in his counterterrorism efforts and even admitted Obama secured more successes than the Bush administration. However, still smarting from Obama’s rebuke of torture or “enhanced interrogation techniques” in 2009, Cheney and his daughter Liz Cheney asked that Obama apologize to the Bush administration after wrongly insisting he benefited from such techniques.

Today on CNN, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) once again slammed the use of “enhanced interrogation techniques,” stating, “It’s very obvious one of the great recruitment tools that our enemies has is the fact that we tortured people which is not in keeping with the standards of the treatment of prisoners.” In direct rebuttal of Liz Cheney, he added, “We never got useful information as a result of torture but we sure got a lot of angry citizens around the world.”

When asked whether Obama owes the Bush administration an apology over his rebuke of torture techniques, McCain coyly responded, “About what?” Noting resounding opposition in the Senate to torture and the United Nations Geneva Convention’s prohibition of such treatment, he dismissed the idea that the Bush administration deserves any apology after having used those methods:

MCCAIN: The vote was 90 to 6 in the United States Senate to prohibit cruel and inhumane mistreatment — this amendment, a piece of legislation that I was a sponsor of. The Senate has spoken, the American people have spoken, people of the world have spoken. Torturing people in violation of international agreements such as the Geneva Conventions is prohibited and frankly very harmful to the image of the United States of America.


Watch it: