McCain energy bombshell: More oil + dirty coal. That’s Bush-lite, crude, and not sweet.

Lost in all the deserved criticism of John McCain’s flipflop on offshore oil drilling is the most stunning sentence in his entire energy speech. Attacking Barack Obama, McCain says:

He doesn’t support more traditional use of coal, either.

Seriously. The same day McCain is pushing a new ad on global warming to pander to people who genuinely care about the climate and think he might be different from Bush, he is pandering to those who care nothing whatsoever about the climate.

McCain says he wants to cut U.S. carbon emissions from coal oil and natural gas by 70% by 2050, but he also says wants to drill for more oil offshore (which would cut U.S. gasoline prices maybe two to four cents in a decade or more) and he wants to build more traditional, dirty coal plants that don’t even capture their carbon.


Is he so cynical that he thinks the voters are that easily fooled?

Is his base (the media) that easily fooled?

Is there a Society of American Mavericks and Eccentrics (SAME) that can revoke his membership.

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