McCain on whether he’s still comfortable with Hagee’s endorsement: ‘I’ve accepted his endorsement.’

Earlier today, controversial pastor John Hagee issued an apology to the Catholic church for inflammatory comments he made in the past. But as ThinkProgress noted, Hagee has yet to apologize to other groups he has denigrated, such as the LGBT community. Asked today if he was still comfortable with Hagee’s endorsement, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) deflected the question, saying he merely “accepted” Hagee’s support and doesn’t embrace everything he says:

Look, as I’ve said many times I’ve accepted his endorsement. I didn’t endorse everything that he said. The point is that the fact that he has made an apology I think is very helpful.


But McCain didn’t just “accept” Hagee’s endorsement; he actively sought it. In fact, he “personally wooed Hagee for more than a year.” Hagee recently told the New York Times Magazine that “it’s true that McCain’s campaign sought my endorsement.”